Cone Beam CT Scanner


We utilizes Cone Beam CT technology in her office. Our Care Stream 8100 3D scanner allows us to take high-quality three-dimensional images of your condition, thereby providing you with a more targeted, more precise, and more effective treatment.


Cone Beam CT scans are only taken when necessary, and the benefits of them are innumerable.


- Three-dimensional Cone Beam CT scans allow Dr. Lee to better detect, locate, and treat endodontic conditions, such as an abscess formation, resorption, and complex anatomy.

- It utilizes 80% less radiation than a traditional x-ray, a Cone Beam Ct scan distinguish the differences among various tissues, such as bone, teeth, nerves, and soft tissue.

- The Cone Beam CT scan will help Dr. Lee to give you the most accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment recommendations. These scans often yield information that helps you avoid unnecessary treatment.

- A Cone Beam CT scan is a cost-effective way of identifying a wide range of dental issues. The efficiency of a Cone Beam CT scan allows for less expensive and more efficient treatment.


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